Post hospital admission


Post Hospital Admission

Due to recent hospital staff shortages, to prevent patients falling on the ward, health workers tend to keep them on their bed or on a chair next to the bed. If a patient falls on a ward, it creates more work for staff, so they try to limit patients’ mobility. Instead of encouraging patients to walk to the toilet, for example, they transport them in a wheelchair. Instead of walking a patient to the communal lounge or dining room, they provide food to the patient at or next to their bedside. This practice induces limited function and mobility in a patient. In healthcare settings this has been referred to as “pyjama paralysis”. For example, a well-functioning elderly patient can be admitted to hospital with a simple infection, stay there for 10 days and leave with a four-times double up care package. This affects quality of life for an individual. At K7 Physiotherapy, we fully understand the implications and can help you achieve your previous independence level and function quickly.

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