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Senthil Is Highly Trained And Has Experience In Bobath, Neuromuscular Energising Therapy, And Motor Relearning Programme, All Established Techniques Used In The Treatment Of Neurological Disorders.

K7 Physiotherapy provides videos of the important rehabilitative exercises. Individuals can follow these videos to effectively complete their home exercises.

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How Can Video Exercises Help?

Many of the exercises we prescribe involves precise movements. When practiced correctly, individuals can obtain the full benefit of the exercise. The video captures the exact movements expected from the individual, whereas printed and handwritten exercises are subject misinterpretation and individuals may practice exercises different video can assist family members and care takers to follow the exercise easily and instruct on the exercise correctly.


What Our Clients Say

I have been getting treatment from Senthil for my back pain. Very knowledgeable, reassuring & clear communication in his approach.
Grace Hill
I got my physiotherapy from Senthil, pain around my neck and shoulder. The pain is reducing now! Thanks to his very kind and effective approach.
Jamie Carter
I have taken treatment for a short period for severe neck pain due to official commitments. But Senthil understood my problem and treated well.
Robert Owens
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