Acquired Brain / Head Injury


Acquired Brain/Head Injury

What has acquired brain injury?

An acquired brain injury is an injury to the brain that occurs after birth. It is not hereditary, congenital, degenerative or induced by birth trauma.There are two main types of acquired brain injury:
• Traumatic brain injury
• Non-traumatic brain injury

What are main causes of traumatic brain injury?

• Falls
• Assault
• Road traffic accidents
• Sports injuries
• What are main causes of non-traumatic brain injury?
• Stroke
• Aneurysm
• Tumour
• Infectious diseases
• Lack of oxygen

How can physiotherapists help individuals with brain injury?

Brain injury affects people differently. At K7 Physiotherapy we perform a holistic assessment of the client and mutually agree on a goal and treatment plan.
Physiotherapist input mainly concentrates on:
• Promoting normal patterns of movement • Improving strength
• Improving balance
• Improving range of movement
• Improving posture
• Improving exercise tolerance
• Improving function
• Improving quality of life • Reducing falls
• Reducing joint stiffness • Reducing spasms
• Reducing dependence
• Promoting independence

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