What is a riser recliner chair?

It is a chair with a leg fitting that can be elevated. Sometimes, the backrest moves backwards and allows the individual to be in the lying position. The individual, although in a lying position, does not completely lie flat, akin to being in bed, or have enough space to roll around in. Moreover, the chair can lift the user all the way to a standing position. Therefore, they can walk straight away, without having to stand themselves. A riser recliner chair completely eliminates the need for sit-to-stand transfers. 

Who can benefit from a riser recliner?

If there is a way to live without the use of a riser recliner, it is better to avoid it. However, people who have chronic arthritic knees where the bone is on top of other bones, severe neurological issues or swollen legs that need to be elevated for long periods can benefit from this type of chair. 


Is buying a riser recliner chair for my parents a good idea?

No, definitely not. Everyone wants the best for their parents and wants them to lead a comfortable life. Therefore, people buy things to make their lives simpler. In terms of riser recliners, they are the absolute last resort. When there is a situation where an individual is unable to stand from a chair after trying all other options, a riser recliner should be used. Even then, a physiotherapist should be consulted prior to purchasing one. 

Never buy it for an individual who is able to rise from a chair by themself, even with difficulty. The quadriceps is a large thigh muscle that helps people to stand. Every time a person stands up from a chair, quadriceps muscles are exercised. This muscle is one that weakens quickly if only exercised rarely or not at all. When it weakens, it becomes difficult for an individual to stand upright, reducing their balance and risking falls. It creates an unnecessary vicious cycle that is difficult to overcome.

Is it advisable to sleep on a recliner chair overnight?

No, definitely not. Essentially, it is a chair, not a bed. To keep fluid under control, the user needs to sleep on a bed.

A recliner chair can be used for sleeping temporarily, for example, one or two hours during the day, but not for eight or nine consecutive hours.

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