Walking Aid Assessment

Walking Aid is equipment that assists an individual to walk. There are a variety of mobility aids available in the market, but consult a physiotherapist before buying new equipment. At K7 physiotherapy as part of our assessment, we recommend an appropriate mobility aid that suits the individual’s needs. 

The widely used mobility aids in elderly rehabilitation in the United Kingdom are walking sticks, elbow crutches and walking frames.

Walking Stick

At K7 physiotherapy we find height-adjustable walking sticks especially helpful. It is also advisable to acquire a walking stick with a rubber ferrule at the bottom. This helps mitigate the risk of slips and trips and wet surfaces.

Tripod And Quadripod

Tripods and quadripods are similar. The only difference between them is that a tripod has three sticks attached to three rubber ferrules, and a quadripod has four sticks attached to four rubber ferrules at the bottom end. Both facilitate individuals to transfer weight, to one side in particular. 

Elbow Crutches

An elbow crutch is a lightweight, long aluminium stick with a cuff at the top to go around the forearm. It also has a handgrip. Most of the upper body weight is transferred to the ground through the crutches. The handgrip can be standard or ergonomical/a Fisher grip with troughs or gutters.

Walking Frames

Walking frames are lightweight frames that help individuals with their mobility. Walking frames can be used both indoors and outdoors. The main walking frames used in the United Kingdom are: 

  • Zimmer frame.
  • Rollator frame/wheeled walking frame.
  • Gutter frame. 
  • Delta frame/three-wheeled walker.
  • Four-wheeled walker.
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