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There are many small pieces of equipment that assist an individual around the home to improve function and quality of life. At K7 Physiotherapy, we assess and advise you on the appropriate equipment to help your functional activities and improve your quality of life.
The following are some of the pieces of equipment we regularly use to help people in their own environment.
Sofa Riser/Chair Riser

If an individual is struggling to rise from a chair or sofa that is low in height, a riser will increase the height. There are four that go under the sofa/chair legs. An individual can stand from normal level rather than a low level.

Threshold and Half Step

A threshold, or step, into your front or back door, may have always been there. However, when you have any issues with your lower limbs or experience neurological problems, negotiating that one step can feel like climbing Mount Everest.

Toilet Frame

Toilet frames are frames that go around the toilet, with two hand pads for an individual to push on to stand.

Perching Stool

It is an adjustable stool with back and side support that offers a person a sloping position in which to sit. 


A commode is a moveable toilet. It does not have drainage or a flush affixed and has to be emptied after every use. A commode can be used in any part of the house and is convenient for the elderly population.

Raised Toilet Seat

It is a plastic rim that can be fitted to the toilet. It raises the height of the toilet. The main use of a raised toilet seat is that it raises the overall toilet height. The main use of a raised toilet seat is that it raises the overall toilet height.


It is a chair fitted with wheels for the purpose of mobility, for those who are unable or struggle to walk due to disability, injury or other medical condition.

riser recliner

It is a chair with a leg fitting that can be elevated. Sometimes, the backrest moves backwards and allows the individual to be in the lying position

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