About The Therapist

K7 Physiotherapy was formed by chartered physiotherapist Senthil Periasamy BPT, MSc (Psychology), MSc (Physiotherapy). Senthil is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and is a member of the Charted Society of Physiotherapists. As a practising therapist, he has more than 18 years of direct clinical experience, specialising in neurological rehabilitation, falls, mobility issues, post-surgery rehabilitation, and orthopaedic conditions. He has ample experience working for both the NHS and the private sector. Senthil is well placed to understand the complexities and challenges faced by those affected by neurological conditions and the devastating impact these can have on the individuals, their families, and others close to them.

Senthil is highly trained and has experience in Bobath, neuromuscular energising therapy, and motor relearning programme, all established techniques used in the treatment of neurological disorders.


We provide our services in your environment like your home, care home/ nursing home, and your preferred locations like a gym or community center.

Initial Assessment


  • 60 minuts Session
  • Discussion of Present condition, Past medical condition, medication history, and social history.
  • Discussion of information regarding your diagnosis.
  • Functional analysis.
  • Gait analysis.
  • Walking aid and other equipment assessment.
  • Discussion about your expectations.
  • Setting up smart goals.
  • Explanation about the treatment options.
  • Individualised custom-made treatment plans.
  • Exercises programme specific to your need.

Follow up


  • 45 minuts Session
  • Reassessment of the condition.
  • Mobility practice.
  • Functional activities practice.
  • Balance and Lower limb strengthening exercises, specific to need.
  • Discussion of current improvement.
  • Altering the goals, if needed.
  • Upgrading the exercises, if needed.
  • Advice and education.

Package deal


  • 1 Initial assessment and 5 follow ups

Video Of Important Exercises

K7 Physiotherapy provides a video of the important rehabilitative exercises. Individuals can follow these videos to effectively complete their home exercises.


How can video exercises help? 

Many of the exercises we prescribe involve precise movements. When practiced correctly, individuals obtain the full benefit of the exercise. The video captures exact movements expected from the individual, whereas printed and handwritten exercises are subject to misinterpretation and individuals may practise exercises differently. A video can assist family members and carers to follow the exercise easily and instruct on the exercise correctly. 


How are the exercise videos sent?

We send the videos by e-mail as a password-protected, secure file.

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09:00 am-05:00 pm

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